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Global Scrum Gathering 16-18 Nov 2015

Global SCRUM GATHERINGSĀ® Prague 2015

SCRUM ALLIANCEĀ® Gatherings offer practitioners worldwide the opportunity to come together to share their passion and knowledge about Scrum and Agile practices.

Verseworks members David Putman and Shaun Smith will be hosting a talk at this years Prague Scrum Gathering.

The precise details of their talk are below but we’d much rather see you in person!

Picturing a Problem
Shaun Smith, David Putman
Room: Hercovka/Tyrolka

TimeĀ 15:30 on monday 16th in that room

Track: Visual [Beginner]

Session Type: Workshop
Summary: Learn a powerful systems thinking technique for visualizing and solving problems. We’ll also look at common patterns and tools for change.
Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to use and draw simple Causal Loop Diagrams
  • Be able to use the diagrams in a group setting to build a shared mental model
  • Understand the role of Feedback, Delays, Limiting Factors, Goal Seeking and Lock-on in Systems Thinking and Modelling.
  • Understand the role of perception and human emotion in Systems Thinking and Modelling.
  • Identify common Systems Archetypes and understand relevant and counter-productive interventions

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