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Joining verseworks

Anyone can ask to join however they need one of the verseworks partners to sponsor the application. The prospect is evaluated by the partners on the following:

– one of the partners must have worked with the prospect before and is prepared to vouch  for the applicant

– be a confident consultant within themselves and other people

– a lifetime learner

– have something to bring to the table and not just take from us

– demonstrates our values through action

– prioritizes the strengths of the partnership over personal ego

Each prospect should be given first-hand knowledge of how we work and how we handle conflict, lead generation and the costs of being a partner.

What’s the process for being accepted or rejected  as a Verseworks partner?
During the evaluation phase all of the partners can converse directly with the prospect to get an understanding of the fit.
All of the partners must agree to a new prospect joining.
Then the prospect is asked to sign up to the Verseworks partner Contract (2015 Verseworks Partnership Agreement Intent)
If rejected, feedback should be provided with the instructions that the door is left open to re-apply.
Remember that just because someone isn’t the right fit as a consultant, they could become a great partner or great client

Creative Commons License
verseworks DNA by verseworks is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at dna.crisp.com.

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