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Happiness Index

The index is a simple way to measure, monitor how the Verseworks partners are.
It’s collected monthly via a survey all data can be shared via a dashboard.
What’s the point in doing this? To identify tension areas where members of the partners are unhappy and look to addressing that. If the delta between top and bottom are unusually large, we can look to investigate and if it’s needed figure out how to address the problem and make it better – reference happiness-metric-wave-of-future

How happy are you with being at Verseworks? This is the main overarching happiness index and it’s used to measure how happy we are with each other, the current vision’s of the partners.
How happy are you with your current client, or your bench situation? We measure this so we can use it to help each out. A partners member could be really happy with Verseworks, but hating the current client or work. Or vice versa. For people who are on the bench (= no client at the moment), this can express how they feel about that (sometimes people WANT to be on the bench).
How happy are you with the current skillset within Verseworks? Used to identify any shortcomings we feel we may have personally or as a partners. This could prove very useful by always keeping up to date with the right skills tools and techniques knowledge to offer our clients.

The scale is:
5 = Super-happy! Don’t want to change anything!
4 = Pretty happy, but there are some things that need to be fixed.
3 = I can live with this, but there are many things that need to be fixed.
2 = Not feeling so good about this right now.
1 = This is crap! I want out.

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