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Drivers & Values

Interests of the Client

Driver: consultancies are often driven first by their own commercial interests, with client needs secondary to deriving a profit, leading to counter-productive behaviour or value-destroying activity for the client (for instance “land and expand”). There is need for a high quality service,  a client centric approach and the maintaining of integrity in relationship.

Our strategy: We operate a transparent (consultant to client / business) model that removes conflict of interest and keeps the clients success at the foreground of the relationship. We measure by client satisfaction and repeat (rather than prolonged) business.

Interests of the Consultant

Driver: some consultants are dissatisfied engaging in traditional corporate consultancies where they face issues of stack-ranking, promotions, dual hierarchies and competing incentives. There is a longing for autonomy and independence combined with retaining opportunities for learning, peer supervision and support, that come through collaborating and delivering as part of a cohesive team.
Our Strategy: we co-created Verseworks.  Measured by the satisfaction and personal growth of our consultants.

Improving the Workplace

Driver: Organisations with an openness to learning, benefit from greater organisational performance and team happiness. Many organisations fail to recognise and respond to their developmental and learning needs, leading to sustained poor practice, avoidable damage and disillusionment.

Strategy: we champion lifelong learning and the potential for co-creating evolution and continuous improvement. We provide high quality consultancy, coaching and training, and inspire individuals and teams to challenge their working practices and environments without inflicting help.


We Value:

  • Integrity. We are authentic, open and do what we say.
  • Freedom. We do what we want as we choose and control manage our own time
  • Diversity. We recognise there is often no one right answer: innovation, creativity and energy arise through differences.
  • Congruence. Seek to be genuine and true to ourselves and with others.
  • Transparency. Be open and honest as individuals and keep information accessible to those affected by that information.
  • Learning. We continually learn, improve, collaborate, grow and share.

Values in practice

Always act in the best interests of the client

Walk our talk

Interdependency and collaboration

Joint learning / lifelong learning

Fun and fulfilment

(Strength in) Diversity and divergence

Honour the lineage

Congruence and authenticity

Everyone feel the gains and the losses


A key Driver:

The current reality:

Classic consultancy models exploiting clients for the benefit of the consultancy – rather than a joint gain approach – “mortgage driven development”

Needs associated with the current reality:

A congruent, authentic, client centred approach for the mutual benefit of all

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