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We operate a completely transparent business model.

We discover better ways of doing things

verseworks offers an honest, simple and open approach to consulting and training

Open our DNA


We are non-exploitative, congruent and transparent. We value customer and consultant satisfaction and prefer repeat, rather than prolonged business. Our model removes the dilemma between what’s best for us, and what’s best for you.


We collaborate with many people who share our values. We share a lifelong passion for learning, improvement and sharing. We recognise there is no one right answer. Innovation, creativity and energy arise through our differences.


We work autonomously and are free to choose with whom we work. We are also free to help you choose the same. Our values drive what we do and how we behave.

Why are we different?

Having found early success as individuals, our Partners have found that collaborating with others is the only way of tackling substantial problems.

Many consultancies prioritise their commercial interests over their customer needs.  We believe this can lead to counter-productive and value-destroying activity for customers.

We provide coaching, consulting and training in agile, lean and digital transformation. If we can’t help you we’ll recommend someone who can. We don’t have financial growth incentives – this keeps our advice honest.

We measure ourselves by the satisfaction of our customers and the happiness of our consultants.

Our friends

We remain indebted to our friends who have given us knowledge, courage and inspiration whilst exploring the Crisp DNA.

Michael Gothe

Tomas Bjorkholm

James Priest

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