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Decision making and Governance

A decision needs to address a need within the partners. The decision should have a rationale and the consequences of the decision outcomes should be known, in order to determine if it is a critical or trivial decision.

For example, a verseworks partner wants to go on sabbatical for 3 months in 6 months time. Justification is how to plan for the time away in the interests of clients and the verseworks partners thus becoming a trivial decision.


How urgent is the decision, is it time critical –

unless we make a decision in the next 24hr we could lose our client.  – Justification here is an unhappy client not losing the income.

What happens if we make the wrong decision can we easily reverse –  We decided to agree to take on a client consequently the  client turned out to be difficult and the Verseworks partners are unable to help at this time – Justification  is to make sure we have safe legal off-boarding plan.


The next  step is which process makes the most sense and who needs to be involved a simple scale from “fast” to “all partners involvement”.If you are unsure which it is – then test it with others.

*note you must still uphold the values of the partners when making any decision *

  • Personal decision. Decide yourself without talking to anyone
  • Personal decision with partner input. Ask for input from the partners, but then make the decision yourself.
  • Personal decision with partner-anchoring. Ask for input from the partners, suggest a solution, check it is OK with the partners before closing the decision.
  • Partnership decision. Facilitate a decision from the whole partnership (seeking consensus, with majority vote as fallback if we can’t reach consensus).

A hybrid version is perfectly OK if it gets you to a decision , as long as you make decisions in the best interests of verseworks.

team can refer to all of the partners or just the people affected examples:

  1. I want to speak at conference –  personal decision.
  2. I want to speak at conference on a controversial topic – personal decision with partners or partners-anchoring input.
  3. The client is cutting rates by 30% the partners would need to agree to accepting that decision.
  4. Taking out a lease on a new office space, the decision would be all of the Verseworks partners.

Some things to consider when choosing a decisions process:

  • Who is impacted by the outcome of the decision?
  • Could this decision become a policy?
  • Decisions should be  transparent and logged on a shared resource so everyone has knowledge.
  • Decisions may lead to a policy within the group.

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