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Leading and Coaching Agile Teams (6-20 participants) 2 Days

This advanced course is for Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches and anyone in a leadership role within an agile environment.  It provides practical models and techniques to enable coaches to create the conditions for building great teams and improve individual effectiveness and communication.

  • Enterprise Agility and Context
  • Individuals and Interactions
  • Coaching Models and Ethics
  • Action Theory, Traps and Traits
  • Entry, Exit and Success
  • Observing, Interpreting and Intervening
  • Team and Group Processes
  • Human Systems and Patterns
  • Leadership Models

Scaling Agile (8-24 participants) 1-3 Days

Before training, we recommend at least 1 day of consultancy to understand your organizational context and provide comparative guidance on the choices available.  Contact us for further details.

This course is customized to introduce the techniques that will help multiple teams and larger investments succeed in improving effectiveness and enterprise agility.

  • LeSS, SAFe, DaD, DSDM, Scrum @ Scale
  • Organizational Design
  • Leading and Managing Agile Teams
  • Agile Governance and Finance
  • Communities of Practice
  • Management and Adoption
  • Technical Excellence
  • Effectiveness vs. Efficiency
  • Co-ordination and Capacity Management

Systems and Complexity Thinking for Coaches (8-24 participants) 1-2 Days

Systems Thinking is a key element of Enterprise Coaching and referenced in the major Agile Scaling Frameworks, yet there is little guidance on how to do this.  This course introduces practical techniques and concepts to unlock this powerful change tool.

There is an optional second day to explore complex systems in depth, and further apply these techniques to your organization or coaching.

  • Causal Loops
  • Systems Archetypes and Dynamics
  • The Beer Game
  • Models and Reality
  • Complex Systems
  • Human Systems and Dynamics
  • Complex Responsive Processes
  • Interventions

Second Generation Lean Product Development (up to 16 participants), 1 Day

Second Generation Lean Product Development (2GLPD) provides new insights and principles for modern, effective Product Development.  This course provides the tools, guidance and foundation needed to use Cost-of-Delay and other supporting principles.


  • Manufacturing Digital Products
  • Building an Economic Framework
  • Queues, and applying Cost-of-Delay
  • Exploiting Variability
  • Congestion Collapse
  • Decision Making, Decentralization and Feedback
  • Cadence and Synchronization
  • Flow and Waste


About our Courses

All of our courses are practical and interactive (no “Death by Powerpoint”), and include plenty of “real-world” experiences from the trainer.

Courses can be tailored to suit your team and context as necessary.  When working with internal groups, we find that using real examples of current requirements and problems can be more effective (and we sometimes replace course exercises with such hands-on activities).

Training is more effective when delivered off site, away from the interruptions of the normal working environment.  We can arrange, and provide a quotation if needed.

Engagement doesn’t stop when we leave the classroom.  Attendees of our Courses and Workshops have access to a Mailing List and Slack channel where they can ask follow-on questions and clarifications from our team.

Workshops and follow-on coaching provide an excellent supplement and reinforcement to training, reinforcing and putting into practice newly learned skills.

Contact us at curious@verseworks.com for customization and combined consulting -> training -> coaching packages.

Room setup requirements for the courses are typically:

  • Room with Cabaret style layout, groups of 4-6.
  • Projector/Screen
  • Flipcharts and Whiteboards (at least one for each group)
  • Wall space for sticking charts, cards etc.