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Agile People Sweden

How can we redesign organisations to attract and sustain happy, performing people?

Agile People Sweden

Together, we can make better oganisations

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Verseworks are proud to be supporting Agile People Sweden and are excited to share this opportunity with you, our friends. This conference is for people who are passionate about combining people and agile to create engagement. It’s for those who genuinely believe there is a better way to manage (or self organise!) our companies to make them a better place to work.

Over two days you will get the opportunity to learn, discuss and interact with people from around the world with varying backgrounds and experiences that share your desire for change. You will be also get the chance to deepen your understanding or Sociocracy 3.0, Management 3.0 or Diversity. The choice is yours!

This years theme: Organizations without formal managers – flip or flop?

October 20-21st 2015
Starting at 08:30

Bygget Party & Conference

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Jos de Blok, CEO and founder of Buurtzorg, at the Agile People Sweden conference in Stockholm 20-21th of October.

Learn about the inspiring story of how the homecare sector in the Netherlands has been transformed. From a traditional ineffective bureaucratic hierarchy to a network of effective self-managed teams. Today Buurtzorg has in less than 10 years grown to cover over two thirds of the home care in Netherlands and now employs 9500 nurses with minimal overhead (no managers, no HR etc).

Key speakers: Jos De Bloc, Meri Williams, James Priest, Brendan Marsh, Morten Jakobi Nielson, Jessica Petrini, Maria Furenmo and many more…

Some of the results are:

  • 40% reduction in costs
  • Overhead is 8% (compared to 25%)
  • Consistently highly ranked in patient satisfaction
  • Best employer in Netherlands (2010, 2011, 2012)

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